Web Precision

Web Precision

Branding, Web Design & Front-End Development

Web Precision is a 20 year old independent web hosting, PC services, and web design company based in Orange County, CA that wanted to give their brand a modern look.


Market Research: Industry Analysis

In general, market research is geared toward understanding purchasing behavior and preferences around products and messaging. In this industry analysis, I focused on popular web hosting companies and took note of the CTA’s, messaging and interactions. I used this research to create an experience flow for the site as well as to plan the user interface design.

Brand & UI Design: Your friendly tech hosting company

The solution was to use bright bold graphics with a focus on user experience, to showcase that Web Precision can build visually stunning and highly functional websites. The call to action featured prominently in the hero image as well as the “Find Your Domain Name” bar below which both instantly lead the user to purchases. The menu and contact information on the top make it easy for users to get the services they need including accessing the webmail and hosing services portals for customers. 

Brand System


Homepage bounce reduced from 84% to 55%

Domain registration CTA driving domain name form submissions

Increasing sales

Search engine optimization increased traffic from search words including nearby locations, up by 3%

Seamless User Experience