The Climate Journal Project

The Climate Journal Project


Where we started

A budding bi-coastal B Corp needed a new brand identity as they transitioned their mission from eco food tours to climate journaling mid-pandemic.

Where we landed

The new brand is inspired by the metamorphasis of nature, both visually and methaphorically. The subdued, gender-neutral color palette evokes a calming visual response.

How we got there

Exploring design ideas, fonts and color palletes. Using market research and company values to inform design.

Playing with natural forms

Using Earth’s pallette


Simple brand guidelines to be built upon as the brand development continues.

Product design: making the book

The brand guidelines provided a basis for their launch product, two 60-page climate journal books. These eco-focused guided journals provide environmental enthusiasts a place for reflection, healing, climate actions and solutions.

We shared these original journal cover drafts with our email list and asked them to choose their favorites.

Drafting the inside.


Through extensive marketing including press releases, partner give-aways, influencers, blog posts, outreach and social media campaigns, Climate Journal Project reached their Kickstarter goal plus some!


Naturally, Climate Journal Project wanted to continue their brand development by updating their website to match their new visual identity. The solution was to use an in-depth UI analysis of Climate Journal Project’s current website to see in which ways the site design could improve generally and to match the new visual identity.

UI analysis of website

New site graphics

Branded icon set

New homepage