UI Design & Front-End Web Development

Imanigold is an independent pop band & community organizing collective based in Harlem, New York City. With an expanding social media presence and preparation for a new album release comes a need for an updated website capable of offering a smooth experience to viewers to explore the variety of content released by Imanigold.

The home page is simple, bold and directs users to sign up for the IMANIGOLD “email club”.
Bold colors, gorgeous imagery, and a call to action are staples of the IMANIGOLD website.
THE BLOG: Informed perspectives on social justice and self-love to support community organizing efforts.
Blog post icons mimic vintage polaroid photos adorned with a unique squiggle pattern created by band member and artist Dominique Kae.
The MERCH page allows viewers to shop the IMANIGOLD vibe.
The vintage polaroid theme continue on the merch page.